Friday, February 10, 2012

SFFS Snipet -- February 11th

I was trying to think of what to post for my SFFS snippet this week, when a writing prompt struck me. I didn’t get a chance to finish the prompt (work, you stink!) but I wanted to post what I had started so far. Here goes!

Snippet --->

The shadows came and went. They weren’t waves and they weren’t predictable. It was the shielding of a body on the upper walk here, a momentary cloud over the sun there; each no more than a puddle. If she knew the pattern she could skip like a stone across them all, finding a way in darkness to the street’s other side.

Instead she hung back under the awning, waiting like a starving child for a crust of bread that was never going to come.

She’d have to gamble.

The pennants atop the buildings undulated in the breeze, their fairly stable shadows offering her the best entry point. They’d betray her in a strong gust, but if the wind held steady she could make it halfway across the street without too many acrobatics.

She checked the charge on her transparency generator: still getting the orange “go” light. The mini-field was big enough to surround her and her alone, and while it offered decent cover in low-light areas, the cheap photon emitter couldn’t hold up an illusion under sunlight.

…more to come! :)

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