Thursday, July 21, 2011

Writing Prompt #26

26) Your character messed up . . . bad. They hurt the one they love and they realized it too late. They begged their love to give them another chance, but no. No more chances. How does your character react?

Write a scene or just describe it.


Here's mine:

Kayla stared out the forward viewport of the starcruiser, trying to lose herself in the pink-green wash of hyperspace. The Imperial homeworld fell away behind her; she felt the pull of it. Rather than diminish, the string on her heart tying her to the hated place drew tighter, stretching into pain as the distance opened up.

Even now, decision made, bags packed, her body ached to run back.

Not that it would make a damned bit of difference.

She couldn’t sit outside IDF headquarters every day hoping to ease her gaping loneliness by catching a glimpse of him, and he had made it clear he wouldn’t speak to her again.

Better to run now.

Vayne came up from crew quarters and stood silently behind her, trying to offer comfort. He reached out with his mind, tentatively brushing against her mental shields, hoping she would speak to him. Her only response was to draw the barriers tighter against him. The presence of her twin exacerbated the shame and self-loathing she felt.

“Kayla. . . .”

“Leave me alone.”

“Maybe, after a little time—”

“I said back off.”

He cleared the deck without another word and she stared straight ahead, ignoring the tightness in her throat and the fresh wash of tears that threatened.


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