Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Writing Prompt #27

27) Describe sunlight without using definitions or descriptors for light.


Here’s Mine:

It hides, cat-like, here one moment and gone the next. There you spot it before the forest shifts and it darts away, leaving only coolness behind. You walk into the open and it pours forth. The liquid warmth tumbles down, hitting your skin with instant energy. You close your lids. Red backs them as you tilt your face up to receive the caress. The clouds roll. The sensation deflects, fades into ambiguity. Its presence touches everything but leaves no distinctness until the clouds roll again to reveal blades of intensity. Summer reigns.


  1. She speeds through space to measure the world and loudly broadcasts her findings. But she forgets as soon as she turns away so she measures again the following day.

  2. Wow, James, I love it! What a different way to see light. You really blew me away with this one :)