Friday, August 5, 2011

Writing Prompt #29

29) Write a sentence for each of the following made up words:

1) Glamaccord
2) Heartangle
3) Whipfire
4) Intrafall


Here’s Mine:

1) They descended the stairs together, catching the eye of all with their glamaccord. The stylishly mutilated off-one-shoulder grey sweatshirt and high side-ponytail were in full evidence. Too many pairs of legwarmers swaddled calves. They were zombies from their pasts, crawling straight from I Want My MTV to the pages of Us Weekly.

2) She grieved for the acuteness of his heartangle. Had it been right he might have been swayed. Even a small expansion of the minor arc of his emotions would have let doubt in. Almost she wished he could be obtuse. Any fool with arms that wide deserved the serving of advantage taking they got, but it would have spared him the ache his ray sped toward.

3) “I love you.” The words burned like whipfire, searing though his skin to the core of guilt beneath. What good is love, when you don’t want it? (Inspired by kickass lyrics from The Brother Kite)

4) Kayla sprinted for the magchute, her only route to Corinth. The air tearing from her lungs couldn’t slow her frantic effort. The lift pod hung in the intrafall between polarization reversals, its descent a millisecond from switching to a breakneck launch. Fear reached its hand out. Gravity failed her. Her last step flung her into a swimming stroke that ricocheted her off the door before sending her spinning away, fingers grasping air.


  1. Zorara, the gamer, RPer and undercover poet, wrote an awesome response to this post. He is of course "too cool" to actually post it himself. The only effort he can make is to IM it to me, so here it is, his take on these words:

    Zen journeyed from East Haven to West Shrine with his group of adventuring comrades, his glamaccord always at his side should they require a tune to hasten their travels.

    There before them stood a fearsome Gnort, it was barely a heartangle away, just close enough for Francoi to aim his readied sling directly at the beasts blood-shot eye.

    It had been hours since they had seen any signs of civilization, but at least the forest was sparse enough for a clear view of the green sky above. Suddenly a loud screech was heard. Startled, Jig looked up to see a colossal whipfire flying overhead.

    Finally they had reached Intrafall, now the only thing standing between this brave group of 5 and the head of the mad king, was 250,000 Royal guards.

  2. Veruka the sin'dorei assassin slipped her glittering garrote, the Glamaccord, around the neck of her victim, who she had exhausted from hours of bedplay. She had the choice of using the garrote or her matched set of stilettos, but she was no less tired than her target, and calculating the heartangle (the angle with which to strike to reach the heart past the protections of armor and rib cage) seemed too much like work...

    Unfortunately, her prey was not as tired as she had thought - or perhaps goblins merely had amazing recouperative powers. As she applied pressure to his throat, his eyes popped open, and the sword that had been decorating the wall popped from its moorings, heading point-first towards her naked, unprotected back.

    With whipfire speed, she released the garrote and rolled backwards as the magically-animated sword punctured the bed and not her own skin. Swearing at her mage-target, she swiftly opened a portal to the Northrend Argent Tournament site with her bracelet. The sword unburied itself from the coverlets and headed for her again. The portal opened, and she dove through, cancelling the magic as she did so in hopes that the animate sword would be trapped in the intraspace between the two sides of the portal, condemned to intrafalling for an eternity.

    She giggled, imaging the rude surprise if by some happenstance of intradimensional arcane physics a mage opened a portal and was run through in transit by the falling sword.

  3. Bowie glowed and groaned his golden tones into the microphone while the audience sparkled with rapturous glamaccord.

    Another sharp heartangle pierced her chest as she recalled his damning words- "just friends..."

    Whipfire flashing from the muzzle tore through the dense jungle vegetation. An errant bolt severed a heavy branch that landed startlingly close to Jenkins. "Jesus, Larry! Be careful with that thing.”

    I didn’t even realize I was falling asleep until I woke with a start from an intrafall. Sarah raised a skeptical eyebrow at me from the co-pilot's seat. So much for impressing the rookie.

  4. wow, you guys really knocked my socks off with these!

    Zorara -- Points for including glamaccord as a musical instrument, your bardic roots are showing through :)

    David -- Awesome story read as always, loved the way your strung the words together. But I have to say, a Sin'dorei and a goblin? eww...

    James -- you totally kicked my butt in the glamaccord section, I'm jealous!

    Thanks so much for posting, guys :)