Friday, September 23, 2011

Writing Prompt #33

I’m sitting in my office on a slow Friday afternoon sipping at a cup o’ soup. Chicken noodle, of course. Why have I resorted to such extreme measures, you ask? I’ll give you a hint:

Mid-morning snack…cornbread
Lunch…more cereal

Guess who hasn’t grocery shopped in far too long. I’m reduced to foraging in my office kitchen…it’s not pretty.

That, of course, led to a prompt!

33) Choose several of your characters and name two foods for them. The first is what they’ve been eating the most of recently. The second is their favorite food/dish. Explain the how or why as you see fit.


Here’s mine:


Most Recently: Protein-packed synth steaks that vaguely remind her of the flesh of a tua-tua fish. The tua-tua fish is native to the oceans of Ordoch and was a staple of her diet back home. It’s traded widely among the Wyrd Worlds but isn’t available even on the black market in the Empire.

This is the first time she’s had access to a fully stocked food synthesizer in five years and she has a hard time stopping herself from gorging on the tastiest, heartiest, most nutrient-rich foods she can program into the thing. It’s not til she arrives on the ship that she realizes she’s been slowly starving for her last five years. She limits herself on the rich dessert menu, but enjoying a healthy diet of lean proteins. When she’s not nabbing yet another serving of the flaky-fleshed synth steak, she’s encouraging Corinth to eat two of everything on the list.

Favorite: I am going with favorite treat instead of favorite dish on this one. It would have to be crystallized honey. Her twin Vayne would purchase the rare sweets for her, often shaped into flowers or polyhedrons, at special occasions. Their luxurious melt-in-your-mouth feel was a delicacy for her.


Most Recently: Malkor and his octet had been enjoying some leave when someone *cough* the emperor *cough*put together a fraudulent holocast of Prince Arden finally calling the Empress Game. With the news reaching every planet in the empire, the damage was done. Arden, Malkor and Isonde thought they could take their time finding a body-double for Isonde before they called the game. Instead, they’re in a mad-scramble to find someone who fits the bill before the commencement of the Game.

Malkor called his octet in to help, and together they did a blitz-style study of possible candidates from the more obscure planets, burning the candle at both ends and rushing the search. As a result, Malkor has been downing caffeinated quiox of the non-synthesized variety by the liter.

Favorite: Anything real. He’s not particular about his food and he’d take simple fare over scrumptious, delicately programmed synth-food any day. Especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Not synthesized, not flash-frozen, not dehydrated or reconstituted, but fresh from the vine/bush/tree/plant, so-ripe-it’s-juicy, worth-every-exorbitant-credit-on-Falanaar, I-just-picked-it-this-morning fruit.

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