Friday, October 14, 2011

Love, Scrambled – Writing Prompt #34

Time for some writing reps, build those writing muscles. See how many times you can rock the same metaphor/simile:

Love is/is like an egg.

Remember to rest between sets!


Here’s Mine:
(these are all “in character” and completely unrelated to my own thoughts about love)

1) After the affair, their love was a painted Easter egg. Ornately decorated on the outside with the hope of life blown out through one end.

2) He liked the guy, he really did. They were bros. Tailgating buddies, fishing partners and amateur mechanics together. He respected him, but jesus. What was all this talk of feelings? The guy was weirding him out with the tears and the midnight confessions. They’d been through a lot together, but…love? Love was like eggs, in his mind. They came from a woman.

3) And there it was, their love. Whole and shining. A little asymmetrical, true. And when life spun them ‘round fast enough, they wobbled. But it was there.

4) Their love, grown in the sheltered microcosm of a college campus, turned into the egg in a 7th grade science project when they hit real life: swathed in the false protection of suffocating Styrofoam, jammed into a peanut butter jar and thrown out the third story window. No one wanted to see the results when they hit the bottom.


  1. Ha-ha! Love that fourth one. :)

  2. Yours are great, Lady Notorious! I like the poetry and different possible meanings of #1. Here are mine:

    1) After the breakup he was like an egg left out of the refrigerator; still looking smooth on the outside but rotting internally. Soon he would crack and spill the fetid sludge of his love, and no one wanted to be around when that happened.

    2) Love is like an egg; getting laid is just the beginning.

    3) Lori had known immediately that the night with Arthur in New York was a mistake- that her fiancé John was her one true love. But now, keeping her secret from John, she felt like she had in the 6th grade after dropping and covertly replacing her ‘egg baby.’ She didn’t deserve John’s love anymore, just as she hadn’t deserved that A+ in health education.

    4) Love is like an egg. If you give it the right environment and nurture it long enough it may hatch into a chicken. But before you do that you should ask yourself, “What am I going to do with a chicken?”