Friday, December 16, 2011

SFFS Snipet -- December

This is my first Saturday participating in the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday snippet posting! Thanks to Heidi Ruby Miller for directing me over to the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday blog.

I decided to post a quick snippet from my current wip, Empress Game. This is the end of the heroes’ first full conversation:

Their kiss in the arena sprang to mind even as she changed her grip on the hilt of her kris daggers. Alone with him, this close, she caught the heated scent of his skin: old-fashioned imperial soap. A scent sadly lacking on Altair Tri.

He held his hands up—away from his sides, fingers spread—keeping a careful eye on her daggers.

“I mean to make you an offer you can’t refuse, Shadow.”

“And I mean to sheathe my dagger in something soft if you don’t back the hell up and get out of my room. Now.”

“We’ll finish this later.” He slipped out before she could reply.


  1. Welcome to SFFSat - oh, and great snippet; kris daggers - always cool. And she looks like a cool customer too.

  2. Welcome to SSFSat!
    Great snippet to start with ;-)

  3. And then what happens?!! Oh, the excitement! Welcome to SFFSat!!

  4. Ooooh! Fiery! I want MORE!!

  5. Isn't this fun? So glad you participated.

    Love the SF Romance! I'm ready to see what happens next...and eventually what happens when she doesn't kick him out of that room. ;)

  6. Great dialogue! Welcome to the SFFS webring!

  7. Wonder what kind of offer he has in mind.

  8. Love her rejoinder about sheathing her dagger in something soft, lol.

  9. Sorry I fell off the planet, thanks so much for the welcome! :)