Sunday, May 20, 2012

I know I should, but…Writing Prompt #41

Whew! Looooong hiatus, but, I’m back with another writing prompt!

Here it is:

Choose some of your characters: List something that they know they should do, but in reality, they won’t, and list why not.

I should tell Kieran that I will never be with him and that he needs to stay with Amathayon and leave me alone.
I won’t because I would rather be near him, despite the pain it causes us both, than be apart from him.

I should care more that we lost Aislin to Solak, or at all.
I won’t because all that I care about is Tae waking up. Until she’s all right, nothing else matters.  

I should, as his close friend, tell Ardin that Isonde was injured, and that the Isonde he sees now is not the woman he is in love with.
I won’t because I need him to be functioning and hold up his end of the charade. I don’t trust that he can hold it together if he knows what happened to her, and he’ll blow everything by exerting every imperial resource to get her healed and find Janeen. That kind of attention would not go unnoticed but he’d be too upset to think of the consequences.  

I should not bring Corinth to the arena to help shield me from the other Wyrds. His safety should be my top priority all times, and exposing him is a risk to his freedom and possibly life that his ro-haar should never make.
I will bring Corinth to the arena because I now care about winning the Empress Game, and need his help.  

I should call the whole Empress Game charade off and get Isonde even better medical care.
I won’t because I know she would rather risk it with mediocre care to become the empress that would shape the fate of the entire empire and perhaps engineer the alliance that brings the cure for the TNV to the empire.  

I should forget about Khelbyn and my days with him. He is forever gone and the past will never be again. I should find a new purpose to life before I waste what time I have left.
I won’t because I can’t recover from his loss and I don’t want to. I want to keep him with me always, even if it means ignoring every mission I should be on, every promise I had made before, and everything that had ever meant something to me.  

 I should go to the head of IDF and bring my evidence of Malkor and Isonde cheating the Empress Game in an attempt to get the disqualified and Divinya be named the de facto winner of the Kayla-Divinya match. I have an obligation to my people to do all I can to put Divinya on the throne.
I won’t because I don’t want to face the punishment for my actions.

 The Buri
I should stop barking at other dogs from the safety of my balcony because I know my mumma doesn’t want me to do it.
I won’t because I…must…bark!


  1. <3 I love the sneak peeks ahead into your stories!

  2. Who is Sindel?

    I am definitely psyched that Corinth is going to the arena. Now write it and send it, please.

    I think Buri should be a character in EG.

  3. Sindel is a character from my gaming RP, one I am very attached to!

    And I think we all know Buri would require a whole novel to himself in order to capture his full majesty. ;-)

  4. The Buri - following canine imperatives!