Saturday, July 14, 2012

Author Extraordinaire Jen Brooks

One of my two awesome critique partners, Jen Brooks, received not one but TWO offers for representation from agents this week. Two wonderful agents fell in love with her novel (currently titled World Maker) and with her as well after some phone chatting!

Jen spent a tense couple of days in deliberations, talking with the agents, doing yet more research on their agencies, speaking with their clients. . . . It was something of a nerve-wracking week, but, she finally decided yesterday.

I couldn’t be more excited because this means that her novel, a YA psychological fantasy, is one step closer to publication! Squee!

Be sure to follow her blog, Jen Brooks, Writer to keep up to date on her latest news, or check her out on her Facebook at

Congratulations Jen!  

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  1. This was very nice of you to post. :) Of course the manuscript that got the agents' attention was made possible because I have you for a fabulous critique partner!