Monday, May 16, 2011

Writing Prompt #10

10) Describe one thing that keeps you from writing

There many reasons why I stopped working on my current wip, but one thing that has been stopping me from getting started again is the pressure. I spent SO much time on Sworn Sword, poured so much into and it didn’t end up getting published. Partly to be expected, and I don’t regret any part of the effort. But, with that said, I am determined (hopeful) to go through all of the same effort on my new wip, this time ending with publishing contract in hand.

That’s in my mind every time I approach my wip. So I am always feeling the self-imposed pressure to write tighter/smarter, to craft a more sophisticated plot, to deepen characterization, to take scene outcomes in different directions…to do whatever it takes to get this wip published. The pressure to do all of that makes writing this novel feel “too hard,” especially where I haven’t been writing.

In the end, I know I’ll put the same amount of effort into this novel and be just as satisfied with the final product as I am with Sworn Sword, pubishing contract or not. I need to keep that in mind and just write.


  1. "Describe one thing that keeps you from writing"

    My son.

    I have gotten to the point where, unless its on my story notebook, I absolutely hate writing without a keyboard, for several reasons - but mostly the fact that I'll have to input whatever it was by hand to get any real use out of it.

    Ordinarily, this would not be a significant issue - except that when I write, I'm at home. This last quarter of my ex-wife's classes have been Monday-Thursday, which means I have Anthony four days of the week.

    And Ant spends a lot of his time on the computer, playing WoW, watching cartoons, playing twitch games... whatever.

  2. sounds like it's almost time for Ant's first computer...

  3. Heh. I'm probably going to give him mine, and my WoW account, and use my work laptop for my stuff.