Thursday, May 26, 2011

Writing Prompt #14

A friend mentioned that he was pitching a short story to his editor and invited me to join in on the fun. Alas, I know nothing about the genre, so I had to pass, but it gave me an idea for my next writing prompt.

14) You’re in the elevator with your dream agent. Quick! You’ve got thirty seconds to pitch your novel. (which, in this case is going to be the story of you). Try more than one, in different tones. Or, if you prefer, pitch your current wip. Keep it short and hooky!

Here’s mine:


a) Little Red Riding Hood, wandering aimlessly through the wood, is suddenly beset by the Big Bad Wolf. She sprints for her life but he chases her relentlessly, forcing her to run without end. When she finally falls to exhaustion and no attack materializes, she realizes that she is the Big Bad Wolf, and she had long ago swallowed Little Red Riding Hood whole.

b) It’s The Breakfast Club meets Must Love Dogs. Lady Notorious is part of a disparate (and occasionally wacky) group of editors who start their day way too early at a newswire service, where they juggle angry Chinese clients, an ice machine that projectile vomits ice by the metric ton and really, REALLY big spiders. She’s given up hope of ever finding a nice, normal guy, and decides to marry the next guy her bulldog picks out for her.

(Note: The stuff about work is true, the part about the romance is not. I am definitely not on the market, and while I love Buri, he would pick out someone who would play tug with a Frisbee the longest. I’m not sure he’s qualified to be making those decisions…)


  1. A college student receives a letter from her estranged sister on the night of Winter Festival, and is soon kidnapped by automatons. The machines take her to a warehouse laboratory where she discovers her brother-in-law is stealing the virginity of young girls in order to save the student's sister life. And the student's own essence is the final piece of the puzzle.

  2. Nice! Anytime abduction by automatons is involved, you know there's going to be hijinks. :)

  3. "Have Gun, Will Travel" meets "Babylon Five" with a film noir/Sam Spade vibe.

  4. RE: Buri - He is SO qualified, as anyone Buri doesn't connect with wouldn't stand a chance with you. Trust in Buri. Knows all, tells nothing, an inscrutable beast... until its tummy-rubbing time!

    *slips him some beef broth ice cubes*

  5. >>*slips him some beef broth ice cubes*<<

    That, I'll have you know, counts as cheating.