Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flash Fiction Day Three

Three days and three pieces of flash fiction! It's harder than I thought it would be. After doing the first day's writing I thought, "I might not make it to the end of these 10 days..." but so far I'm still going!

What's helping is reading the other writers' flash fiction pieces. They've come up with some amazingly creative pieces, all with these little twists and turns. It's pure fun to read. Also, the textures of all the writing vary greatly, I love the variety.

If you're not in on the fun, you're missing out!


Here's day 3 of my flash fiction, called Date Night:

She sure loved her shoes. Heels mostly. Though why on earth women tortured themselves with heels he’d never understand. That’s not to say he didn’t appreciate the display, but…seriously. So not worth it.

She favored those clunky platform-wedge things, the ones that looked like sandals, only propped up a good three inches. She also owned a dozen black flats that looked identical to him. Apparently they were each “adorable” and distinct. From what he could tell the only difference was the spunky strip of fabric on the inside. Really? Women bought essentially two of the same shoe for the look of the *inside*?
Randy shook his head, pawing through the shoe-mountain at the bottom of her closet. Somewhere under the avalanche she had a pair of stilettoes. Red, shiny, you-only-wear-them-to-get-some stilettoes. Unless they’d been swallowed up by her shoe-army.
 He loved those stilettoes.
She’d be home soon and he wanted to surprise her. He had her outfit all picked out for the night. She might squirm about how short the skirt was and how flashy the top was, but secretly she’d love the freedom to be wild for one night. He laid the items gently on the bed, fingering the vinyl of the skirt. He loved to surprise her. Just the other night he had surprised her with roses, waiting on the doorstep. Before that it was a bottle of her favorite perfume.
He lovingly placed the stilettoes on the floor at the foot of the bed, toes in, all ready for her to slip her feet into. He had his own final touch to add to the shoes, but, he’d wait til she was wearing them. It would be so much more personal that way. Special. And he wanted tonight to be special.
After all, he thought, as he slid his clown mask down and moved into position in the shadow behind the door, this was their first date.

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