Monday, March 4, 2013

Get the Elephant Gun, We’re Hunting Agents

I’ve been through the Great Agent Hunt three times now, once with a Regency-set Historical Romance, once with an epic fantasy novel and now with a space-opera. Third time’s a charm, as they say—I landed myself an agent with the space-opera, Empress Ascendant!
I will be represented by literary agent Richard Curtis of Richard Curtis Associates, Inc.
I hate when authors don’t list their agents on their website like it’s some kind of great secret. Especially when, as an unpublished author looking for an agent, one of the first things you’re supposed to do is research which agent represents your favorite authors (the ones your writing is most similar to). Why do we make things so hard for each other?
In the spirit of maybe helping another author out, here are the stats on my agent search:
First queries sent out: January 20th, 2013
Offer for representation made: February 24th, 2013
Queries sent: 21
In-person pitches made: 2
Responses: 12*
Requests for partials: 1
Requests for full ms: 3
Query letter rejections: 8
* The number of responses is skewed because I withdrew my query for consideration after receiving the offer from Richard Curtis.
If I can find the stats on how many queries I sent out for my epic fantasy, Sworn Sword, I’ll add that in here too.

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