Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Time Has Come…for Jaguars

So there I was, Barnes and Noble, three years ago, standing in a place I rarely find myself—in front of the Harlequin book display. What was I looking for? Why the Harlequin Historicals, of course, which they stopped putting in their displays at that time. (The bastards!) Thus thwarted, I was left in want of a book. I had a need. I wanted…something. I didn’t know what.
Then I saw the Silhouette Nocturne offering that month and a cover caught my eye. It was called Sentinels: Wolf Hunt, and it was all green and bad-ass looking, without a cheezy clinch cover.

As opposed to a cheezy clinch cover:

Shoot me now, I can’t help but disrespect the book even knowing the helpless author had no say.

Needless to say, Sentinels: Wolf Hunt caught my eye and shouted, “I’m what you’ve been looking for, grab me now and start reading. Well ok, not while you’re driving home, but then DIRECTLY after you park. Maybe before you get out. Well, at least take your seat belt off…” (What can I say, it was a chatty book)
So, buy it I did and take it home I did.
I read about 30 pages into it and stopped, put the book down, not to be touched again.
Now there I was last night, 3 years and 3 moves later, and Wolf Hunt has been with me the whole time, sitting on my shelf in the dreaded tbr pile. (To Be Read).
Suddenly, the book’s time was NOW. I knew it without a doubt. I wasn’t even sure it had survived the big move to Florida when I’d left two bookshelves full of books still at my mum’s house in NH. But after a search of my 4 bookshelves here, (yes, 4, in a 2 bedroom house, some shelves 2-books deep) I found it!
I settled in for a night of reading, trying to remember why page 33 was dogged eared. I figured it out shortly. This was the 4th book in a paranormal romance series.
Now, don’t get too worked up, a paranormal romance series is nothing like a fantasy series. They have different hero/heroines each time so you don’t normally need to read them in too much order. My plan last night had been, if I like the one I already owned (the 4th), then I’ll go back and buy the others.
However, 30pgs in, it became clear that if I kept reading this one, she’d spoil the endings of all the others for me with the way she kept referencing them. That, and my enjoyment of the book so far, convinced me to bust out the trusty ole Kindle and buy the first book, Sentinels: Jaguar Night.

Wow...he is so not attractive. Is he supposed to be? Yikes! Ok...moving on...

Now I’m reading this (and planning on reading the ones that come after) in attempt to finish a book that has been on the tbr pile for 3 years.
Mind you, that’s not the longest a book has been on my tbr pile. The record for the longest I’ve physically had a book that’s sitting on the tbr pile belongs to C.S. Frieman’s Book One of the Coldfire Triolgy, Black Sun Rising. 8 years and counting.

Michael Whelan’s cover art alone convinced me to purchase it. That series’ time approaches rapidly, though, I assure you.

As does this series’ time, given as a gift by one of my bffs, Justin Formanek. War of the Spider Queen.

Considering my next book revolves around betrayals, a series about the Drow is timely.
What’s the longest you’ve physically owned a book and not read it?

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