Sunday, January 10, 2016

Writing Without Words - Day 3

The professor of my Drawing I class at FGCU is all about keeping things simple. Toward that end, he stipulated that all we needed for course materials this semester (beyond the text book) was a ream of copy paper and a regular #2 pencil. (For the most part. At some point we need a cheap-o portfolio, mid-terms/finals) I admit that I was a little disappointed, because I was really looking forward to getting into texture. I wanted to use fancy "art" paper and special "art" pencils, charcoal, pastels, yaddie yaddie. But, I get the sense that, to my teacher, these things are a bit superfluous for Drawing I. And considering that out of 22 people, only 3 are actually art majors, he's probably right.

The urge to buy fancy supplies for drawing mirrors that urge I get when I see new "writing/plotting programs" being advertised. I always think, "this is the magic bullet! This will help me write books in no time!" But the truth for writing is as simple as my drawing instructor's choice of copy paper and a #2 pencil: For writing, all you need is a blank MS Word page and your own mind. No one can write the book for you. And, no matter how fancy the materials, no one can create the drawing for you.

That said, I still burned some creative energy by decorating my "portfolio" (AKA a white pocket folder holding copy paper) with sparkle glitter tape. Am I too mature, at 35, to go into class wielding this?




Awkward Freshmen, behold what 15 more years of life experience will bring you to. ;-)

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