Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Writing Without Words - Week 2

Had my second Drawing class today, and it was awesome. I’m pretty sure I had a ridiculously happy smile on my face the entire time. We got gigantic drawing pads and a bunch of materials: different charcoals, graphite pencils, pastels and even some conte crayons, plus 3 different erasers. Then we spent the rest of class busting everything out and using it all to get to how it works. It was so much fun to get dirty, to draw huge swathes of black charcoal across a page, then smudge it all. No rules, no nothing, just getting to know the materials.

That’s it.

For a girl who went to college the first time around for Geology, this is frickin’ amazing. You know what I worked on my second week in Chemistry I? Molarity. Yep. And my first week’s homework assignment? Memorize the first 3 levels of the periodic table - element names, numbers (protons) and weights out to 2 decimal places. I kid you not.

So, to spend the class hours drawing was like being at recess :)

Side note: If you are a chem, bio, or earth science major, I HIGHLY recommend memorizing the first 3 levels of the periodic table. It saves you a ridiculous about of time versus looking things up. It was one of the best things I ever did.

Fun with conte crayons and pastels

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