Monday, May 16, 2011

Writing Prompt #9 a & b

Writing Prompt # 9a & b

9a) List your favorite name that you used for a character. Not your favorite character, just your favorite name. Might change all the time, but pick your favorite today.

9b) Write a scene/start in a NON-COMICAL tone that involves galoshes on a dry day, and eggs for a vegan.


Here’s mine:

9a) Crookedturn


Whoever decided that galoshes were in-style this season ought to be shot. Ariana stood on the subway in her smart black and white checked boots and tried to ignore her sweaty feet. First day back from spring break and she was already tired of the commute.

The T finally lumbered its way above ground and the Towers came into view. Not soon enough for her feet. The arch support in a pair of rubber boots was surprisingly lacking. The doors creaked open and deposited her into the dubious March sunshine, mid-street.


She dodged the drivers who were clearly intent on hitting pedestrians, and made her way back to her dorm.

She had three things on her mind while waiting to pass through security: dropping her heavy bag just inside her door, kicking off her now detested boots, and cuddling her illicit kitten, Bastet.

When the elevator finally delivered her to her floor, she breathed a sigh of relief. That relief was short-lived when she saw the festive basket that sat outside her door. A gay pink and green, the plastic easter basket trailed cellophane “grass” across her mat.

Ire rose, swift and fierce, at the thought of what she’d find inside: brightly dyed, boiled eggs. The tag read: Happy Easter, love Trevor.

Her ex really knew how to tweak a vegan.

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