Monday, May 16, 2011

Writing Promt #8 1 & b

8a) Name one book (yes, limit yourself to just one, this time), that inspired you, either as a reader or a writer.

8b) Write a scene or scene start, in ANY tone, fiction or non-fiction, that begins with:

"Dear Diary,

This will be my last entry."


Here are mine:

8a) Redwall, by Brian Jacques, first book in the Redwall Series.

This is such an easy choice for me. It is the first “long” fantasy book that I ever read. My mum is a big reader, but no one else in my family is into fantasy, so I did not have a childhood filled with C.S. Lewis and Terry Pratchet.

My fantasy exposure came from fairy tales for the most part, and I have a much abused copy of the Brothers Grimm that I read hundreds of times as a child. Redwall opened up a whole new world for me. It’s the only YA fantasy that I read, I jumped right from there to Melanie Rawn, but that stepping stone was a pivotal moment in my life as a reader.

Besides, high fantasy ideals coupled with adorable animals? Irresistible.


I decided to write this from the pov of a character in my current wip.

Dear Diary,

This will be my last entry.

The outcome has ever been the same: betray one friend to benefit another. The only question came from deciding whom to betray, and whom to save.

Though in the end, it may appear that I have betrayed both.

So be it.

Silmande will live, and even if she holds me in enmity, I stand by my decision.

I waited too long to act against the tide I saw coming in across the horizon. My own unwillingness to stir, to admit, brought me to this place. Had I bespoken Lannus, given him counsel in all urgency that he might consider his actions in a light previously unknown, I might now be standing with my liege against the threat, rather than acting against his wishes with subterfuge unbecoming of an Enchantress.

Perhaps he needed only one.

One to strengthen his worn down dedication to peace.

Silmande he would never involve, and I, in my inaction, declined.

In the end, though his word forced my betrayal, only I created the place in which I stand.

The order is soon to come, and guards will follow, so let this be my last declaration.

A life saved, through faith broken, is the best of my actions in storm-cycles.

Inriad forgive.

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