Monday, May 16, 2011

Writing Prompts #1 a & b

1a) Describe yourself as a writer in 3 lines.

1b) Write a scene starter, no more than 300 words, that starts with: “A (wo)man walked up to the bar.” Any genre, but the tone today SERIOUS or dramatic, if you will. Focus on a particular element and really work it – character, plot, setting, dialogue, milieu (world creation). Rock it 

(feel free to change the “a wo/man” to “I” if you want to write first person POV, and the “walked” to “walk” or “walks” to fit your tense. I just roll in 3rd person past, usually)


Here’s mine:

1a) I am a perfectionist, which means to say that my writing is never good enough for me. I constantly edit myself, even on a rough draft, so badly that I handicap my own writing process. I live to write, and it’s my own laziness that keeps me from living most days.

A woman walked up to the bar, looking as buttoned down as a beach house in hurricane season. Her black pencil skirt was all business, sleek and severe to just past the knee, revealing calves that flexed when she settled onto the high bar stool. Her tailored blouse fit perfectly, and the ribbon about her throat matched her black satin pumps.

The loose bun in her hair and the shoulder bag she carried said business traveler, but the cosmopolitan she ordered said otherwise. It was 11 am in the bar of the hotel located in Logan Airport, and she drank the pink concoction much too quickly.

Sure, I nursed my jack and coke without remorse for the early hour, but she would have a hard time discussing target financials and powerpoints if she didn’t take it easy.

The bartender eyed her from the end of the bar where he stood chatting with a coworker. Making an approach was clearly his intention, and I could almost see the man turning lines over in his mind. From the way she angled her head, staring at her drink when she wasn’t gulping, neither looking left or right, I knew the man was in for disappointment. From the look on his face he knew it too, but hey, a guy had to try, right?

Ms. Neat-and-Tidy must have sensed the same because she signaled him over before he could make his move. She ordered another cosmo, then sleekly turned to glance out into the airport at the arrivals board, avoiding the pass completely.


Her scarlet lips moved ever so slightly as she studied the board, as if repeating a number to herself over and over. Who, then, was arriving that had such a tight little package drinking her courage?

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