Monday, May 16, 2011

Writing Prompts #3 a & b

3a) What was the first book you read seriously about writing once you decided that you were, in fact, a writer? Can be about craft, the business, or even the writing life. Was it helpful? Why or why not?

3b) Write a simile or metaphor that you have NEVER used before for each of the following colors, and, which one was hardest to come up with something for?



Here’s mine:

3a) The first book I read once I decided that I was a Writer was “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Getting Your Romance Published”, no lie.

I found it EXTREMELY helpful! It did two things for me. 1) got me started thinking about romance as a specific genre, with specific needs and requirements. This in turn started me thinking about the romance novel I wanted to write. 2) it gave me what I felt was a VERY realistic view of the odds of getting published, and the reality of how much money published authors don’t make. I have always written toward the goal of publication, and I feel that this started me off on the right foot. It didn’t give me a fairly tale version of a writer’s life. It laid out clearly (in general terms) how advances, taxes, contracts and other paperwork bits really worked. What I learned from reading the book has only been confirmed and expounded on since then. It was a great place for me to start.


Red as the inside of a dragon’s mouth
Orange as a car on fire
Yellow as a smoker’s once white walls
Green as five week old bread
Bluer than your fingers after a bag full of cotton candy
Purple as the Revenant Chestpiece (ok, that one failed >.< )
Pink as an unfortunate bridesmaid’s dress
White as a skunk’s stripe
Black as Halloween nail polish
Grey as the snow in boston
Brown as twisted sourdough pretzel

And purple was my hardest. Red I wrote first.

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